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Frequently Asked

Q: Do I need to be a legal resident of the US to work with IMEX Communications? 
A: Yes, IMEX Communications requires all agents to be legal residents of the United States and eligible to work within the country.

Please note that we are not currently accepting new applicants from California, Connecticut, Maryland, Massachusetts, New York, Oregon, and Wisconsin.

Q: What experience do I need to become a customer service agent with IMEX Communications? 

A: Successful agents must possess clear speaking skills and a solid motivation to provide excellent customer service. We evaluate candidates through online and voice assessments to determine their suitability.

Q: What is the minimum age requirement to apply for a customer service position? 
A: Applicants must be 18 years old to apply with IMEX Communications.

Q: Why is a background check required? 
A: A background check is mandatory to ensure the identity of each potential agent is confirmed and free from criminal history. Agents may access confidential information, and IMEX Communications has high integrity standards to maintain. Most traffic violations do not disqualify you from working with us.


Q: What are the costs involved in getting started? 
A: The national background check costs $30.

Q: What services will I provide for IMEX Communications? 
A: You get to choose which client you service, and work typically involves inbound customer service calls, technical support, or sales. Once you complete the admissions process, you will be allowed to view available opportunities.

Q: How many hours can I work? 
A: Each client requires a minimum of 10-15 hours per week, you get to choose how many hours outside of the minimum required by the client. The operating hours available for a specific client are listed in the Opportunity Announcement you can review after completing the Admissions process.  

Q: Is the pay competitive if I'm looking to replace my full-time job? 
A: Yes, this opportunity is very competitive, and your earnings depend on how much you work and your performance. Our top-performing agents receive incentives and bonuses per their performance. Pay ranges from $12 - $17 per hour.

Q: How long does it take to start earning money with IMEX Communications? 
A: The admissions process takes 1-2 days, and certification courses required to service a particular client can range from two to four weeks. 

Q: How often do I get paid? 
A: All agents are paid on the 15th and the last day of the month.

Q: What equipment do I need to work as a virtual agent? 
A: You will need a PC laptop/desktop, high-speed internet connection, and a USB headset. All-in-one computers are not compatible at this time.

Q: What operating systems does your platform and its clients currently support in the US? 
A: Most clients use Windows 10, Windows 11, and Mac OS for a limited number of clients.

Q: Can I work from anywhere?
A: To provide your services with us, you need to be a legal resident of the United States. You can work from anywhere that accepts new applications, and if you move, you can bring your work with you. That's a unique advantage you won't find in many jobs.
Please note that IMEX Communications is not currently accepting new applicants from California, Connecticut, Maryland, Massachusetts, New York, Oregon, and Wisconsin.

Q: How much money can I make?
A: Your compensation depends entirely on you - you can earn as little or as much as you want. You get to choose the client you want to service, and some people choose their client based on compensation rates, while others prefer clients that are open 24/7 or easier with lower hourly pay. You have complete control over your schedule and can decide when and how much you want to work. Your paycheck is in your hands!

We have team members who earn between $200 and $2000+ bi-weekly.

Q: Am I responsible for my own taxes?
A: As an independent contractor, you are responsible for your taxes, and IMEX Communications does not withhold any taxes on your behalf. If you earn $600 or more during the year, you will receive a 1099 form at the end of the year.

Please note that as an independent contractor, you are not eligible for unemployment benefits, overtime pay, or benefits.

We recommend consulting with a tax specialist to understand the deductions and write-offs available to you as an independent contractor. Understanding your tax obligations and taking advantage of any eligible deductions is essential.

Q:  Will I be paid during certification?
A: IMEX Communications does not pay for the time spent in certification. We act as a liaison between our partners' clients and independent contractors, sole proprietors, and freelancers who work from home. As an independent contractor, sole proprietor, or freelancer, you are responsible for obtaining any necessary certifications to provide services to the client properly.

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