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Yvette Jett - Agent

Working with IMEX has been a true pleasure.  From the moment that I spoke with an IMEX representative I knew that I made the right decision to join a wonderful team.  IMEX is a professional and supportive company through and through.  They help make the work from home experience enjoyable and successful.  I would strongly recommend IMEX to anyone desiring a wonderful and supportive company to be apart of.

Shekinah Banks - Agent

I can't even begin to explain how amazing this experience has been. IMEX has not only given me an opportunity to work from home, we have become family. The communication level that we have as a partner with IMEX is unbelievably amazing. I have gained so many skills and knowledge from working with IMEX.  Usually people are not so quick to say they enjoy their everyday jobs, but I can honestly say the convenience of being able to work from home and have plenty of time with my family at the same time is so exciting. Especially if you have small children that need 90% of your attention all of the time. I definitely encourage anyone that is seeking a work from home opportunity to contact them today!  IMEX Communications has given me the opportunity to grow and be successful and it has not only changed my life, but my family's life as well. I will continue to spread the word about this life changing opportunity. I look forward to the future and to celebrate success with IMEX.

Gaydene Scott- Agent

I am loving this opportunity to work from home!!! IMEX Communications is a great company to work for if you want a great work at home experience.  They are always available to help with a great support system. Even though you work from home there is always someone just a call or text away. Wish I had known about IMEX Communications sooner but so glad that I'm now apart of the IMEX family!

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